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Based in Paris, we are a team of professionals specializing in the luxury brands with Hermès specialization and expertise. We have been offering our expertise and selling luxury products all throughout the world for many years now. We were one of the first official resellers on Malleries, Portero and 1STDIBS, all they were leading luxury marketplace. However, their commission and fees are very expensive. For example, a standard marketplace charges 10% for a Hermes bags and 3,5% if the client paid via credit card meaning that a buyer paid 2000$ more than if he contacted directly the merchant.

So, we thought that it is more interesting for buyers and sellers to work together in a direct sale market. We use our experience to connect trusted resellers with buyers.

Indeed, during more than 10 years, we developed a network of luxury buyers and sellers based on a foundation of confidence and expertise in the field.  We offer complete transparency with every detail of the transaction.

As you know, the sale of preowned Hermès articles has seen an important development in recent years. Unfortunately, we have not only seen the development of this phenomenon but also the emergence of counterfeit productions, thus creating a detrimental parallel network within the market.

Our activity and experience has allowed us to develop ties with some of the best Hermès vendors across the globe. Our company have bought, sold and studied luxury brands for many years. We know them for their professionalism, expertise, and sense of seriousness with regards to the luxury brands. We are in contact with these resellers on a daily basis and together we are part of a group of professionals that are simply exhausted of seeing customers being swindled by websites that do not verify their products neither as buyers or sellers.

Therefore we decided to fight against this problem by proposing an unprecedented service with the creation of The HPlace. We developed this in order to restrain counterfeit practices and protect customers from being cheated or put in danger by fraudulent products, and also to encourage the development of e-commerce while discouraging the sale of counterfeit articles. The objective of the H Place platform is to act as “cyberpolice” for the luxury brands and guarantee only 100% authenticity to buyers of luxury brands sold EXCLUSIVELY by hand-picked professional resellers who have been selected according to a rigorous control that abides by The HPlace Charter, one that was elaborated by French law specialists in the matter of intellectual property. In addition, we will be taking a simultaneous inventory of information regarding any and all attempts of ongoing fraud (suspicious resellers, identity theft, customer complaints, counterfeit detection, etc.)

The basis is simple: Non-member known or non-certified vendors will not be able to place articles for online sale without our prior consent. Non-professional resellers or those with no reference within our network will not be represented within The HPlace. We act as a confidential third party and wish to improve the market into a more professional and secure place. Only a rigorous selection of professionals and VIP individual clients will assure the presence of the best international Hermès resale.

Our equation : No high luxury brands experience = Access denied

We hope that The HPlace will become a private circle of professionals resellers composed of serious buyers and resellers that can assure the perpetuation of 100% secured transactions. We have thus composed a charter that describes the inherent fundamentals of our methods and commitments. A buyer should be able to purchase with confidence and be accompanied during the buying process, especially in the world of luxury articles, where a single purchase can implicate very large sums of money. Within the same rationale, we hope that resellers may be able to present their items without being suspected of fraud and that they may carry out their transactions with real and not fictitious customers. The Place shall thus become a place of security, reuniting true enthusiasts of the luxury brands.

We are eagerly awaiting for you in order to start forming the leading position within the luxury brands reselling market.