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Since many years now, the notorious French brand Hermès and its iconic designs have become a predominant brand in the world of fashion. Today, we can say without hesitation that Hermès handbags are timeless pieces and have thus become more than just handbags but are in fact, investments. 

Unfortunately, the success of the resale of Hermès articles and luxury brands are plagued by counterfeit. We have always believed in the importance of intellectual property rights and the conservation of the brand’s value. French jurisdiction concerning counterfeit is very strict and we have always developed our company with these severe but legitimate laws in mind. We are therefore more and more concerned with the explosion of e-commerce, and the pre-owned counterfeit luxury handbags that have come along with it, some being so well made that they’ve even been named. Thankfully, there are still ways in which we can detect even the most well-made counterfeit products. Numerous clients (buyers and re-sellers) have contacted us regarding authentication methods, and we have thus decided to take active action against counterfeit products.

We are a French company located at Paris specializing in expertise and resale of luxury handbags and accessories predominantly of the Hermès brand. We decided to put our energy and our vast knowledge of the Hermès brand to use by creating an e-commerce website in order to help buyers and sellers in their respective domains. In fact, many professionals know the Hermès brand and its fabrication methods but mostly those recent methods dating to the 2010s. Many are those that have difficulty authenticating previous models due to their age (vintage quality), discontinued colours or leathers, or because of fabrication methods different to that of the 80’s and 90’. With our experience, we became reputable Hermes expert. We assist buyers, resellers, Luxury fairs, Auction Houses all around.

Also, be it a buyer or seller, a partnership with our company’s authentication service can be complementary to the efforts to which you have consecrated so many years; guaranteeing your clients 100% authenticity. For the consumers, your platform will offer a written certification, implying an attentive examination - via detailed descriptions and photographs - of the products in question. For the buyers, the authentication guarantees their affiliation to the platform as well as a better reputation among the market’s key players. For each authentication, we are able to provide an opinion regarding the quality of the product, this with a 100% guarantee. Our location in Paris is a big advantage as we are surrounded by some of the best experts in the field right here in our city.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.