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We are so excited to invite you to join as a Founding Partner Dealer Member

The H Place is the first marketplace of resale intended exclusively for the famous Hermes Resellers and for their incredible Hermes preloved collection.

The launch of the platform will take place soon, estimated November 2015 and we would like to offer you to show your curated collection at The H Place.

The basis is very simple : You post one photo with a description and the client contact you directly. No commission on sale. Only Hermes Recommended Resellers can be on The H Place. This is a private club. We refuse systematically all Resellers we do not know or all unfamous Resellers. We will be so inflexible.

The H Place works as a safe place and a « Hermès CyberPolice ».

A few important facts about The H Place:

- Fast listing: Just one photo and one description and we do the rest.

- Fees: affordable pricing structure based on only listing fee and no hidden charges. No commission on your sales.

- No meddling in dealer/customer relationships: your contact address, phone numbers, email address and website will be available for the customers and they can contact you by person anytime from anywhere. We provide an “Internet Window to the World to trade, buy and sell online . A Premium service will be launched later if a client wants us take part in one transaction.

- We charge “no commission” on your sales and “only fees” apply per your uploaded items. It couldn’t be so easier and so affordable to sell online and we provide the tools (worldwide window, marketing, press, relationship, events etc….)


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us (email : or WA +33676978719 anytime.