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Why use the marketplace to buy your Hermes products ?

Nowadays, fraudulent products are a true plague to society. They deceive consumers while fueling an underground economy and represents a dishonest competitor that destroys companies and jobs alike.

Counterfeiters use the new distribution channels offered by the Internet to develop their business. They take advantage of the services such as those provided by electronic commerce platforms in order to distribute their illicit merchandise.  These actions infringe upon the public images of the e-commerce platforms and is destructive to customer confidence as well as online sales.

We therefore decided to restrain such fraudulent practices by offering an unprecedented service in order to protect customers from fraud as well as encourage the development of Internet commerce. THE H PLACE is only for highest reputable Hermes worldwide resellers.

No High Hermes brand experience = Access denied 

Every item on the site is guaranteed authentic and backed by THE H PLACE Promise and our team of in-house authenticity experts

Our control measures against counterfeit products

Vendor information and consumer awareness

We inform all our associated members on a regular basis about their obligation to guarantee the authenticity of their proposed products for sale as well as the sanctions they face - in terms of criminal law and the terms and conditions of service related to the platform - if they were to propose counterfeit articles. This information is given via an automatic messaging system at the time of composition of the respective advertisements. The corresponding company (Hermès) will be informed systematically both through official and legal channels in the event of non-compliance with these conditions.


How to make a dream ?

Product availability is indicated on the site, in the description of each item. On THE H PLACE, you can see all Hermès items on sale from THE H PLACE or directly from Hermes Recommended Resellers. To place an order, user must contact directly THE H PLACE or the Reseller for one or more objects. If you choose an item on sale directly from a Reseller, you can contact THE H PLACE to request a Third Party Program. THE H PLACE will be your third party and we will manage the transaction for you (payment, reception of item, double authentification and shipping). 


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